Clownish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Clownish:

He despised what he called book-larning, and suffered his only son to grow up as ignorant and clownish as himself.

It turned out more agreeable than I expected: my clownish conductor was not so morose as he appeared to be.

Robin Good-fellow going over a field met with a clownish fellow, to whom he spake in this manner.

He appears under the disadvantages of a Clownish Debauchee, and a Coward.

He is no clown that drives the plow, but he that doth clownish things.

Meanwhile, the stout man in the white frock coat slouched along the furzy valley, with a clownish step.

Like many men who go upon their own grounds in this way, he had an abrupt and clownish manner, which he probably thought of use.

The human species appear clownish, deformed and diminutive in the frozen climates of the north.

Clout is also applied to a clownish person:—'It would be well if somebody would teach that clout some manners.'

The clownish Croudy is changed into a hog, which brings amusing and almost tragic complications into his life.