Clownishness [noun]

Definition of Clownishness:

joking, tricks

Synonyms of Clownishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clownishness:

Sentence/Example of Clownishness:

License, indeed, and clownishness, but not that abandon which ingenuous joy brings in its train.

It is a caricature of a bird, a mixture of gravity and clownishness.

Oh, sit where you were, Griggs, don't drag in that asinine clownishness of yours.

Fortunately there was no grossness, no clownishness of behavior, which would have irreparably offended his fastidious taste.

The remark, but not the clownishness, is adopted by Mr. Punch in regard to the Kelly Book.

This is mere clownishness, and yet no type of humor could have been more acceptable to the time that read it.

He was a fine open-faced young man, without any of the clownishness of the fellah, and spoke in a free and easy but gentle manner.

Men are like wine; not good before the lees of clownishness be settled.

He stood awkwardly awaiting her, conscious of the clownishness of his appearance.