Cloy [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Cloy:

Over-sentimental and apt to cloy, it is eminently poetical and full of melody.

The sweets of that sort of thing began to cloy, and I resolved upon immediate action.

He feasted upon it to satiety as he did with everything else; never having learned not to cloy his appetite by over-feeding.

The natural result of all which was that I approached the story prepared for the stickiest of American cloy-fiction.

They cloy the ear, and the mind that has been made sensitive, desiring something of a finer type of stimulation.

Yes; sometimes the fierce din of battle seems a pastime fit for the gods, but the banquet is apt to cloy.

The cloy of the seductive drug holds to that world of mystery, and they come to it again, and yet again.

Ay, in those days the Muses were nigh cloy'd With honors; nor had any other care Than to sing out and sooth their wavy hair.

But even honey will cloy; and that sweetest of all moons, the Apian one, would sometimes be better for a change.

The readers, therefore, will not suppose that we intend (supposing even that we were able) to cloy them with sweets.