Cluck [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Cluck:

Out of the darkening sky rang the twanging call of a night-hawk, and the cluck of a dozing hen sounded from the foliage overhead.

Ten minutes afterwards we heard the newly wakened hens begin to cluck.

Mother Bantam would cluck and run back and forth in the coop and call to them, she was so afraid something would happen.

Animals followed, and the Givers of life said "Speak our names," but the animals could only cluck and croak.

Pretty soon he heard something going "cluck-cluck" in the bushes, and he knew that it was the mamma hen.

She smiled and gave a little cluck, but my salutation made her instantly moderate her movements.

There was a deep grateful gurgle and cluck along the whole line as the water poured into the half-charred throats of the men.

The yellow hen settled down on her remaining eggs, emitting, at intervals, an agitated cluck.

Another witness asserts that X has many chickens; as a matter of fact he has heard two chickens cluck and infers a large number.

We had not traveled thus for a quarter of a mile when my quick ear caught the cluck-cluck of turkeys.