Clumsily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Clumsily:

Talpers sought to detain him, but the Chinese hurried back to his old white horse and climbed clumsily into the saddle.

Meanwhile the old lady climbed not without difficulty up the rough, clumsily built staircase, with a rope by way of a hand-rail.

Before she could answer, he had actually blushed, wheeled clumsily, and gone hastily back.

He took the battered volume—a pamphlet clumsily encased in boards, and drew his hand across its rough sides caressingly.

Astonished at the splendor of her diamonds, he had in his own court clumsily asked if they were all real.

And right clumsily has he performed the duty assigned to him.

Clumsily he dismounted from his horse, and meekly he made his way into the yard, tottering as he walked.

Clumsily he flung his fore feet in front of himself and by a mighty heave pulled himself off the ground.

One gives the name "psyche" to a very small butterfly which flutters out rather clumsily in the morning; it is the male.

It walks rather clumsily, with back arched upward, but it can go rapidly and gracefully in a springing, bounding movement.