Clumsiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clumsiness:

Robots have come a long way since our first clumsy forays into artificial movement many decades ago.

Yet I run remarkably straight, moving more efficiently than I ever imagined possible with my clumsy body.

Even the cloud-strewn blue of the Washington sky seemed keyed to the moment, and to this particular event, taking place in a spot where just two weeks ago a bunch of clumsy, if dangerous, insurrectionists took a run at democracy and failed.

They found that the bat-like dinosaurs would have been clumsy gliders and probably went extinct because they couldn’t compete with the keen flying abilities of birds and early mammalian gliders.

While this could make for neat puzzles, the result is instead a clumsy execution of trial-and-error.

It’s also more resistant to wind gusts, though flying a craft this small in anything more than a breeze sounds rather stressful to me and my clumsy piloting skills.

To his other iniquities Black Sheep had now added a phenomenal clumsiness—was as unfit to trust in action as he was in word.

Still more yellow than usual, Hemerlingue internally accused himself of clumsiness and imprudence.

If he had not the air of a thoroughbred, he had none of the plebeian clumsiness of the cart-horse.

And moreover, the ponderous clumsiness of the bull filled him with contempt.