Clung [verb]

Definition of Clung:

attach to

Synonyms of Clung:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clung:

Sentence/Example of Clung:

Jean clung to his English nurse, who played the fascinating game of pretending to eat his hand.

Yet, try as I would to strangle the idea, all through the evening the same horrible, unaccountable notion clung to me.

The bright head was bowed over the child's, as Rosemary clung to her mother's dress.

Tears filled his eyes, as he lifted the living child from the dead bosom to which it obstinately clung.

And he himself, knowing he must shortly go, still clung and hesitated, hoping against hope.

The air was hot and still so that blobs of pipe smoke clung like earth-bound ghosts about him.

They clung to the ship as we got under way, men and women, crying, 'Tobacco!'

As she stepped out the girl saw that the rain was no longer fallingmerely a mist clung about the street lamps.

If he had malaria it clung to him year after year, while he grew more reserved and silent, and saw less and less of the people.

The cheeks were deadly white and the eyes closed, but the pressure of her arms showed that the girl clung to him for very life.