Clutches [noun]

Definition of Clutches:

personal power

Synonyms of Clutches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clutches:

Sentence/Example of Clutches:

He clutches at a sharp point of rock here, or a twig there; but if it is not as safe as he believed, woe unto him!

I found out the little game he had come about, and saved your lordship from his clutches, which he doesn't know to this day.

Woe to you if you fall into his clutches; before you come out of them you will be plucked, veritably flayed.

“We are not in her clutches just yet, my lad,” said Captain Charnick, as he saw Digby anxiously watching the cutter.

I'm no gaun to hurt you; but I'm gaun to tak' Black Jock oot o' your clutches as shair as daith.

The orphan grew desperate, and jerked himself out of their clutches.

She instinctively rose and, like a drowning man who clutches at a spar, she was about to ask his help.

I snatched at any clue, however small, with desperate eagerness, as a drowning man clutches at a straw.

He did all this at his own expense, and at the same time he kept his principal out of the clutches of gamblers and sharpers.

The operator clutches that one, and she is perfectly satisfied, and completely cured.