Clutching [verb]

Definition of Clutching:

grab, snatch

Synonyms of Clutching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clutching:

Sentence/Example of Clutching:

Backing that vision are a clutch of regional and international investors including Kaszek Ventures, Ribbit Capital, and Index Ventures.

As well-rounded and thoughtfully executed as the characters, world and story are, I found myself both frustrated with the complexity of the controls and tiring of the repetition that comes with trap-setting and luring the Bugsnax into my clutches.

When the clutch of five to eight eggs is complete, they lose interest in sex, which doesn’t change their relationship much because they hadn’t seemed all that interested to begin with.

Ultimately, Mando returns the favor and saves the little tyke from the clutches of evil, and then makes it his mission to ensure Baby Yoda’s safety.

Inside, a robotic arm carefully lowers a clutch of what look like small eyedroppers to a specialized tray containing small plastic reservoirs, deploying a careful measure of liquid into each.

It's a five-speed with a hydraulically activated clutch and is the only gearbox available for the $26,499 Slingshot SL.

The Brow scored 10 points in clutch time in that Game 2, which provided the Lakers with a 2-0 series lead and marked half of his team-high 20 such points in the playoffs.

James was the only other Laker to score at least 10 clutch-time points all postseason.

So little money did the family have that Sekaran would show up to school in an oversized uniform, clutching his textbooks in a paper bag.

The startup said today it has also raised $500,000 from a clutch of high-profile names.