Coaches [noun]

Definition of Coaches:

instructor, usually in recreation

Synonyms of Coaches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coaches:

Sentence/Example of Coaches:

Reading” is used by Coaches in a technical sense; that is, synonymous with “thorough study.

Here we are eleven miles from the Borough, and at the end of the first stage out of London in the old days of the mail-coaches.

Then confound your slow coaches down here; thats all, said the doctor, walking away.

The old highway followed the very brink of the Punch Bowl, and was in winter-time extremely dangerous for coaches.

Once during a deep snow there was a complete block of coaches on the road at “Seven Thorns.”

This is splendid galloping ground, and coaches always made good time here, both in the old times and the new.

Five coaches, each containing six of the obnoxious prisoners, started to convey them to the prison of the Abbayé.

Busy days it had in coaching times, and its inns were of the best, as befitted a place where the coaches stopped to change teams.

A countless mob gathered around them as an alarm-gun gave the signal for the coaches to proceed on their way.

Every moment the mob increased in density, and with difficulty the coaches wormed their way through the tumultuous gatherings.