Coadjutor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coadjutor:

The young fellow was Coadjutor of Strasburg, almost from the time of getting into short-clothes.

He was therefore, in my belief, an able coadjutor with judge Abell in bringing on the massacre of July 30.

The headstrong and forward temper of the person who was appointed his coadjutor crowned all his uneasiness.

Accident, however, that frequent favourer of bold projects, came to her aid in the shape of a more efficient coadjutor.

During his absence, a number of missionaries, making in all six priests and nine coadjutor brothers, had been sent from Portugal.

Original in design, prompt to act, and of a determined spirit, Lyle was a most useful coadjutor to my father.

You are entwined with much of my happy and eventful past, and all my future plans are based on you as coadjutor.

His accomplished wife, who is his constant coadjutor, was the only woman mentioned in the list of Jubilee honors.

A single interpreter was sent forward, to confer with their traitorous coadjutor, and to ascertain that all was prepared.

Mamma should not be vexed by hearing of Biddy's defection; and there was an invaluable and indignant coadjutor in Andy.