Coagulated [verb]

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When enzymes are added to heated milk, they cause existing caseins to coagulate and separate from the liquid substance or whey.

It seemed that the water molecules must have been coagulating in some way to produce “polywater.”

As rennets differ much in quality, enough should be used to coagulate the milk sufficiently in about forty minutes.

To a certain extent, the effect of the acid may be to coagulate and precipitate the colloidal sulphide.

It is also a well-established fact, that the blood does not coagulate after death from this cause.

If the stock is not reduced and more jelly is desired, unflavored gelatine may be dissolved and added to coagulate the liquid.

People are people, and classes are merely clubs where more or less congenial neighbors coagulate, more or less haphazard.

Rennet is added to the milk to coagulate it, and then the curd, from which nearly all the water is removed, is allowed to ripen.

That protein is present in both the yolk and the white is apparent from the fact that they coagulate when heat is applied.

With the temperature at the right point, rennet is added to coagulate the milk, or form the curd.