Coalesces [verb]

Definition of Coalesces:

blend, come together

Synonyms of Coalesces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coalesces:

Sentence/Example of Coalesces:

When the raindrops coalesce on the surface of the earth, the rôle of what we may call land water begins.

I speak now of civilization as a thing distinct from religion, but destined to combine and coalesce with it.

All these lines of growth stand side by side and coalesce in unitary human life.

The river flows onward to a point where the two ranges we have mentioned coalesce.

I could make out a small dark struggling mass which seemed to break into separate parts and then coalesce again.

Earlier times could allow the Essence and the Form to coalesce without discovering any incongruity in this.

Then they coalesce and the whole ice body becomes strewn with rock dbris.

The two frontal bones however, completely coalesce, and form but one, in the adult.

Two out of a number approach, coalesce, contract, and secrete a cell-wall.

In this ridge all the layers coalesce, and I therefore take it to be equivalent to the primitive streak of the avian blastoderm.