Coalitions [noun]

Definition of Coalitions:

allied group, association

Synonyms of Coalitions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coalitions:

Sentence/Example of Coalitions:

Biden’s campaign has defended his efforts, saying the former vice president is pursuing a diverse electoral coalition like the one that rallied behind Obama in 2008 and 2012.

The coalition includes a number freshman lawmakers who beat Republicans in 2018 and are now facing tough re-election races in GOP-leaning seats.

The coalition said it wants Facebook to increase the resources for monitoring groups for hate speech and violence and to change its policy to forbid events that involve a call to use weapons.

Now the business and labor coalition behind Measure C is consulting attorneys about whether they can salvage the measure.

The coalition is awaiting a full briefing from their attorney to determine their next steps.

There’s even a coalition of big tech companies teaming up to try to fight election interference.

Fifty states and territories have joined a coalition preparing to bring its own antitrust lawsuit against Google.

One of my strengths is I bring people together and form action coalitions that can address some of these needs, and make sure the county is looking at an economic recovery plan that is broader.

The coalition was one of the groups that filed a lawsuit challenging the change.

That it was his determination to hazard all things rather than chill the coalition.