Coastal [adjective]

Definition of Coastal:

bordering the water

Synonyms of Coastal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coastal:


Sentence/Example of Coastal:

Like many salmon, juvenile masu spend several years in freshwater systems before migrating to the sea, and the coastal rivers of Primorye are full of these pencil-length fish.

Right now, the second and third largest fires in the state’s history are ripping through coastal forests and inland shrubland in Northern California.

Yet throughout most of California, Elmer wrote Monday in her biweekly Environment Report, there’s no requirement to disclose anything about sea level rise or coastal flooding during real estate transactions.

Her December report suggested state lawmakers require some kind of coastal flooding disclosure to spread public awareness about sea level rise and help Californians make informed decisions about the risks of purchasing coastal properties.

That’s without any unseasonably large storms, which cause coastal waters to surge and increase the potential for flooding.

This small coastal town has one of the shortest records-retention policies around.

His data now suggest that mussels and grasses together help restore marshes that can protect coastal communities.

It’s still unclear what schools will look like in parts of coastal North County come August because the Encinitas Union School District and San Dieguito Union High School District have not offered very detailed plans.

The findings suggest the nodosaur had roamed across a coastal plain with forests full of trees, Brown says.

Now from the historical perspective, it was the commercial potential of these combined sectors of the coastal district that ultimately catapulted Ostia’s status as Rome’s main harbor.