Coaster [noun]

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The old coaster sent a quick, anxious look down the river, and saw at once that there was no chance of reaching the bank.

The lazaret of a coaster is a storeroom under the quarter-deck—repository of general odds and ends and spare equipment.

Toward dusk came the sharp command for the men to march aboard the coaster that had drawn up for them.

The coaster had landed them at Otranto, where Bowes promptly engaged a private stable for his master.

Skipper of a coaster in his early days, he had never outgrown the habit of pitching his voice to carry above a fifty-mile gale.

Each coaster, as a rule, shot straight to the bottom, though a few times one went off at an angle and finished with a roll.

It was a merry-go-round of coasters climbing up single file by the slide while coaster after coaster shot singly down.

Sometimes it was from a Coaster, which had found a waterless Bahama Cay littered with sun-dried bodies.

Old Broadbrim was soon up the next day and went on board the coaster in which he had secured passage.

The greater part of the coaster's crew were in town, and the hour was most opportune for an attack.