Coasting [verb]

Definition of Coasting:

glide along without much effort

Synonyms of Coasting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coasting:


Sentence/Example of Coasting:

The stretch of coast off East Africa where the captives were taken in 2015 was once famous for its speedboat hijackings.

About half our group flew in from the coasts, with the rest driving from various points in the West.

As in-person comics conventions from coast to coast toppled like dominoes, creators and fans were missing these bonding pilgrimages.

So, if a drone can stay on the radar of any fires early in the process, it would help controlling borders or coasts or pipeline monitoring.

Future projections are more dire, with scientists warning that most of Hawaii’s beaches could be lost if hundreds of homes, condos, hotels and roads that line the coasts aren’t moved inland.

Rising housing costs and stringent regulations have reduced the number of affordable accommodations along the coast, already making it harder for Californians – particularly communities of color and middle- and low-income families – to visit.

Along with its location on the coast and plentiful seafood, Casablanca is also in the agricultural center of Morocco, and this couscous is a testament to the abundance of crops that grow nearby.

They are mostly found along the coasts, though not necessarily right on the beach.

Farther from the coast, neighborhoods seem to have approved the measure overwhelmingly.

“The reason people voted for the 30-foot height limit in the first place was public access to the coast,” McNab said.