Coasts [noun]

Definition of Coasts:

border by water

Synonyms of Coasts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coasts:


Sentence/Example of Coasts:

Endangered humpback dolphins have been spotted in Abu Dhabi and other varieties off the coast of Lagos.

Michael had sold the place and moved to the coast a few years earlier.

Ice near the heart of the continent today creeps coastward at less than 10 meters per year, while ice close to the coast picks up the pace, traveling up to a few kilometers per year.

Most of the funding goes to the coasts, as opposed to the center of the country.

Back east, where he grew up, the highways weren't this bad, but that's what you pay to live on the best coast, as his grom friends always say.

Whale watchers spotted a 15-foot beluga whale off the coast of San Diego.

Given the state of self-driving car timelines, which have long overpromised and underdelivered, TuSimple’s coast-to-coast network might sound overambitious.

When they reach the coast, tsunamis can cause enormous devastation.

Rooted to the coasts they’ve inhabited for centuries, these communities, some of which are 50 kilometers from the nearest grocery store, can’t always easily shift to another source of food or business.

This work has led researchers to conclude that orcas that live off the coast of Washington “are on their way out,” Wasser says.