Coatings [noun]

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To begin with, the bar was of pinkish sandstone, smoothed and covered by a coating of plastic.

One of the latest uses to which asbestos has been proposed to be applied in connection with warfare is as a coating for ironclads.

Should the coating crack at the knee or elbow joints, it is merely necessary to retouch it slightly at those places.

But as the summer heat advances, the mask of the winter coating goes away, and we may then see the structure of the ice.

Over the wall was spread a coating of fine marble stucco for decorative purposes, which gave it a finish of dazzling white.

The way they made them water-tight was by lining them on both sides with a good thick coating of clay.

Across these was laid another layer at right angles, with perhaps a coating of glue or paste between them.

If it is necessary to recolour any part let the first coating dry before beginning.

A thick coating of tar had already been administered, when several members of the rival faction appeared.

The explanation is that the grease or wax coating on each sand particle repels the water.