Coaxing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Coaxing:

The ladies in the faculty lounge noticed his height and coaxed him to sit next to a fetching 5-foot-10 colleague with an unusual name.

America’s Test Kitchen often recommends adding baking soda to the water in which you will boil potatoes, which further coaxes out the starch molecules.

Doctors and nurses descended on Makenzie, trying fruitlessly to coax any sign of life from her body.

The next coaxed a double-team of James, and Davis popped free for a wide-open elbow jumper.

They painstakingly coaxed most of the dormant cells in those sediments back into a state of growth that was more recognizably alive.

She'd think as little of coaxing a woman's husband from her, as she wu'd of shooting a thief like a doorg.

Joe saw at once that the man was wild with drink, and he put on a smile, with a notion of coaxing the captain over.

Coaxing Miss Jewett into her little parlor, she showed her the pictures, and read aloud the letter.

"Then, for once, I've found a disinterested female in a coaxing mood," replied this modern Diogenes.

She knelt beside him, holding the cup for him, and by coaxing and entreating made him take a little food.