Cobblestone [noun]

Definition of Cobblestone:

path upon which travel occurs

Synonyms of Cobblestone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cobblestone:


Sentence/Example of Cobblestone:

He ees call the 'cobblestone,' also the 'pouding-stone,' when he ees at his home in the country.

Unprepared, Samuel took the blow neatly on the jaw and sprawled full length into the cobblestone gutter.

Maybe you are thinking of building a cobblestone chimney in our house, laughed Julie.

First you have to find in which patch out of desert areas of mud and cobblestone the gold-dust hides.

The next moment he was on his feet again and out in the street prying up a cobblestone.

I must confess I got a cold chill that ran down my back, and it jumped from limb to limb like a cobblestone.

For pavements, the bowlders of trap and granyte from excavations have been widely used in the "cobblestone" pavements.

If Dioviburnia will cure specific vaginitis, anemia, etc., so will a cobblestone make excellent soup.

The chimneys were laid of cobblestone or sticks of wood mortared with clay and grass.

A young robust fellow sprang forward from the crowd with a shout, an enormous cobblestone in his hand.