Cobwebby [adjective]

Definition of Cobwebby:

see-through, thin

Synonyms of Cobwebby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cobwebby:

Sentence/Example of Cobwebby:

But unsnuffed candles and cobwebby window-panes seem to have been in evidence sometimes.

She tore off her light dancing-dress and shivered as she stripped and took refuge in a cobwebby nightgown.

They seated themselves in the cobwebby low-gee chairs around Chung's desk.

The Lion was cobwebby and scarred; but, notwithstanding, he was a fine figure of a beast.

Paul Dampier peered in through one of the cobwebby lattices.

After we had crept out of that dirty cobwebbed passage, our clothes were slightly soiled and cobwebby.

A properly kept attic in the olden days was no dark, musty-smelling, cobwebby affair.

Over in the corner, under a funny little, cobwebby window she found it, half hidden by the tossed up hay.

Leaves average in size, light green, dull to slightly glossy, with very distinct veins on lower surface which is cobwebby.

Down to the barn she wandered, and up the rickety ladder she climbed into the cobwebby loft.