Coccyx [noun]

Definition of Coccyx:

lower back

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Sentence/Example of Coccyx:

The sinus on the back extends from the coccyx to the ribs, and from one ilium to the other.

The pieces of the abdomen and of the terminal segment correspond to the bones of the abdomen and coccyx (p. 458).

The bone immediately below the sacrum, called the coccyx, is essentially the representative of the tail in man.

In Man all the four caudal vertebrae are rudimentary and are fused together, forming the coccyx.

The os coccyx in man, though functionless as a tail, plainly represents this part in other vertebrate animals.

Now the os coccyx is rudimentary as a tail, and I am anxious to hear about its muscles.

In shape this part conforms to the curve of the sacrum and the coccyx, to which it is attached behind.

I believe the Os coccyx gives attachment to certain muscles, but I can not doubt that it is a rudimentary tail.

La plupart des Anglais ont le bout de l'os sacrum, que l'on nomme coccyx, qui leur avance, ce qui fait une espéce de queue.

The coccyx has the importance of being a real and actual caudal appendage, reduced in man to its simplest anatomical expression.