Cockeyed [adjective]

Definition of Cockeyed:

crooked, askew

Synonyms of Cockeyed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cockeyed:

Sentence/Example of Cockeyed:

Except on the one subject of that cockeyed invention of his, he behaved perfectly normally.

Another wild goose chase, but somewhere along this cockeyed row there was an angle.

I fumbled around for a beginning, and then I decided to start right at the beginning, whether it sounded cockeyed or not.

After only two weeks on the job, on a strange planet ninety light-years from home, you don't tell your boss he's cockeyed.

Sure, and maybe that was a very cockeyed view for Dawson to take, too.

There's no telling what can happen next in this cockeyed world.

Well, I'd had the cockeyed kind of luck to go bald at 25 and I'd been playing old men ever since.

Dawson had the insane urge to pinch himself hard just to make sure he wasn't sleeping through a very cockeyed dream.

Anyway, in this cockeyed war you can look for enemy agents any place, and usually find them.

The sound of his own mumbling voice gave him the idea to sit up and take immediate stock of his crazy, cockeyed surroundings.