Cockloft [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cockloft:

This hasty and guarded conversation was carried on between two plebe cadets who had met in a corridor of the academy "cockloft."

A ladder connected with a hole in the roof enabled you to reach the cockloft, the guest room of the establishment.

The hand of improvement touched Cockloft Hall shortly after.

In a single-room cabin there usually is a cockloft, reached by a ladder, for storage, and maybe a bunk or two.

Hark ye, Captain, dost thou know who last inhabited this old cockloft?

Often the cockloft is empty in those whom Nature hath built many stories high.

Queer up there in the cockloft, alone, with stops and locks and keys.

"It is an attractive programme, and I am a little tired of this cockloft," answered Bruslart.

The audience numbered nearly two thousand, pit, gallery and cockloft being filled to overflowing.

Then she told him where the steps were and insisted that he should go up into the cockloft to be sure that I was not there.