Cockscomb [noun]

Definition of Cockscomb:

topknot on head of animal

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Sentence/Example of Cockscomb:

Celosia cristata is the well known Cockscomb, having combs or heads of scarlet, crimson, rose and yellow.

Getting tired, I took out my sketch-book and drew Lubuga, the pet, which amused the king immensely as he recognised her cockscomb.

His hair was cut short, with the exception of a ridge on the top which ran stem to stern, like a cockscomb.

If an unmodified Celosia could be got, it would be well to test with the modified cockscomb.

The wild cockscomb (Amaranthus Cruentus) also furnished a portion of their supply.

Cockscomb, crimson and scarlet; two to three feet; August and September.

There is a row of narrow green pointed leaves, standing up like a cockscomb behind each row of flowers.

I did not answer, but my face flushed as red as a cockscomb.

There was the twist round the head, the cockscomb, the hanging piece of liripipe.

From the shape of the flames this form of burner received the name "cockscomb."