Cocktails [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cocktails:

They became quite jolly as cocktails and red liquor flowed and tingled their veins.

A matron may treat her friends to "high-balls" or cocktails at the club.

Then he felt that he had in a manner retrieved himself, and could retire from the five-o'clock cocktails with honor.

He fancied that might be the reason why the circle at the five-o'clock cocktails gradually diminished as the winter passed.

I drink no cocktails—or, when I do, I make delicious little grimaces over them, and say they burn.

You may even bathe in porcelain tubs installed by a London plumber and drink cocktails mixed by an expert from Broadway.

And sure enough Aunt Polly had prepared a jug of delicious Bronx cocktails which all pronounced excellent.

The various kinds of shell fish are served so frequently as cocktails that cocktail sauces are much in demand.

If you order one of the seductive cocktails you fee the man who brings it; you fee the chambermaid who attends to your room.

Included in this section also are fruit cocktails, those refreshing appetizers often used to introduce a special meal.