Cocoon [verb]

Definition of Cocoon:

protect with covering

Synonyms of Cocoon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cocoon:

Sentence/Example of Cocoon:

He’s so invested in how to envelop theatergoers in a protective antiviral cocoon that he spent a fortune bringing to his 2,200-seat London Palladium devices from South Korea that emit antibacterial mist as ticket holders pass through them.

In the event of an accident, a 360-degree cocoon airbag deploys to completely encompass both the seat and its occupant for maximum protection.

In addition to the handy kangaroo pocket, a fabric flap folds over the sleeve opening to make little cocoons for your hands.

Their egg cases, or cocoons, are so small that they can easily hitch a ride on a hiker’s or gardener’s shoe, or can be transported in mulch, compost or shared plants.

Those cores are otherwise hard to study hidden in their thick, gassy cocoons.