Codas [noun]

Definition of Codas:

final performance

Opposite/Antonyms of Codas:


Sentence/Example of Codas:

The coda of this story is that my father, eventually and to his credit, got behind me and supported whatever direction I wished to take.

As a stand-alone, “Hitman 3” doesn’t find these smaller moments as often as in past games, mostly because the narrative thrust of this coda is moving quickly toward a decisive end.

The recent arrest of 53 activists and former pro-democracy legislators in Hong Kong marked a sudden, shocking coda to 18 months of tension.

And again, it has a coda pausing on the dominant chord and followed by an Andantino.

The coda is one of the most fascinating ever penned by Schubert.

Beethoven had originally intended that the entire scherzo, with the trio, should be repeated, and then be concluded by the coda.

It has the rondo form; the principal theme, twice relieved by an interlude, recurs three times, and winds up with a coda.

Finally, a new and important climax is introduced in the coda by the opposition of the two chief subjects.

We therefore have a bravura air in two movements, an andante and allegro, closed by a long coda in accelerated tempo.

The remaining twenty-two bars give the first section in condensed form: first and second subjects and coda.