Coddled [verb]

Definition of Coddled:

indulge, pamper

Synonyms of Coddled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coddled:

Sentence/Example of Coddled:

Mam' Sarah was very tall, and she had the best lap in the world to coddle down in, Roberta thought.

“You coddle him,” said Kingsnorth, with a short bitter laugh.

Poor mammy will mourn over me and coddle me up as if I'd been to the wars.

And so we left them alone awhile, to coddle over their raptures.

A man was looked on as a milk-sop and a Molly Coddle, that would not take his mug of ale, and be merry with his comrades.

When shall I have a million a year, so that I can coddle myself and sleep and eat mringues all day?

Any kind of a dream—a fancy—a wish unfulfilled—a sorrow that we coddle—some nothing which suddenly becomes everything to us.

Would you have a man a molly-coddle, tied to his wife's apron-string, and not daring to call his soul his own?

Picks up gun, rushes for door in flat—met by Coddle; runs to door at left—met by Jane.

Miss Coddle is excessively kind to receive me with such condescending politeness.