Code [noun]

Definition of Code:

secret language system

Synonyms of Code:

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Sentence/Example of Code:

Unlike other, more complex algorithms, it allows a user to take any video of a person’s face and use it to animate a photo of someone else’s face with only a few lines of code.

It will require apps to ask users for permission to collect and share data using a unique code that identifies their iPhones and iPads.

Postal workers expedite millions of ballots to voters and then bring completed ones to county election offices, where they are tracked using bar codes.

She was told that because of her ZIP code, she was a high-risk patient and was moved to a quarantine room to deliver her baby.

Because of an error in the computer code, the researchers say, their findings — that humans outperformed a computer game that simulated quantum mechanics — are not valid.

While the Android app was quickly approved by the Google Play store, the iOS app was initially rejected because of several issues with the code.

Schema markup is a powerful yet underused piece of code for SEO to help increase your website’s presence in the SERPs.

It can save you the time of cutting and pasting code to your content.

If you are a techie, then it wouldn’t cost you much to remove unused code, code comments, unnecessary spaces as well as other characters.

First, programmers need to document their process through online code repositories like GitHub or BitBucket.