Coded [verb]

Definition of Coded:


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Sentence/Example of Coded:

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The authorities will give you a unique code, or key, to enter into your phone.

For clarity, I’ve divided all Zip codes in the state — 1,071 total — into six “buckets,” based on the prevalence of covid-19 in those communities.

If you agree, they’ll give you a code to enter into the app.

According to the penal code of literary fiction, that’s a violation of Section 364, Prohibiting Unlawful Departure from Ambiguity and Despair.

The media outlets made two arguments related to the state’s health and safety code.

All researchers need is the genetic code for a particular viral protein, such as the spike protein.

While Apple introduced functions in their browser to block cookies, it places similar codes in its phones, without any consent by the user.

If the test was ordered by an employer, entering a code will send the result directly to them.

These food establishments were closed or fined because of health code violations.