Coefficient [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Coefficient:

(b) Similarly obtain the phenol coefficient at 30 minutes contact period.

Of course you want to know how this coefficient has been found out, and how you can be sure it is correct.

I hope I have now kept my promise, and made it clear how the coefficient of centrifugal force may be found in this simple way.

How to find the coefficient, by which the amount of centrifugal force exerted in any case may be computed.

At high temperatures the resistance generally increases, but the temperature coefficient is irregular.

The coefficient of volume expansion of a solid is three times its linear coefficient.

The coefficient K is called the dielectric constant of the medium, and its value is taken as unity for air.

The coefficient of velocity is determined directly by measuring the parabolic path of a horizontal jet.

The value of the coefficient appears to increase as (perimeter) / (area) increases.

These conditions permit the most exact determination of the coefficient of discharge.