Coerced [verb]

Definition of Coerced:

compel, press

Synonyms of Coerced:

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Sentence/Example of Coerced:

The report alleges that the workers were likely to have been forced or coerced, but it did not offer proof confirming the work terms and conditions.

A Northern Virginia attorney was arrested in Miami on Thursday and accused of coercing underage girls into sexual activity.

Monticello and Mount Vernon flourished only because of the coerced labor of people who had been forcibly recast as Jupiter, Caesar, Hercules and Cupid.

Uber is facing a class-action lawsuit over Proposition 22 that alleges the company is illegally coercing its drivers to support the ballot measure that seeks to keep workers classified as independent contractors.

During the call, she claimed that she was coerced into pleading guilty to two other drunken driving charges after being released from a hospital and that her discipline case in 2013 had no merit.

By high school his coaches encouraged him to stop playing soccer altogether, then his teammates coerced him to take training seriously.

Among the sexual misconduct charges was one in which an officer allegedly used his badge and gun to coerce a woman into having sex.

Because buyers are far more likely to buy items that are Prime eligible, Amazon can coerce businesses into paying Amazon to handle their warehousing, even if it would be cheaper and faster to use alternative methods.

Long before AI or “big data” became buzzwords, the Party’s intent was to co-opt—not simply coerce—society to participate in its own control.

A meeting of the canons who had fled from Lige, and their brethren who had been coerced into voting, was held at Namur.