Coercing [verb]

Definition of Coercing:

compel, press

Synonyms of Coercing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coercing:

Sentence/Example of Coercing:

This Constitution does not attempt to coerce sovereign bodies, States, in their political capacity.

It guides, it need not coerce or necessitate, though it may.

To coerce them into a reluctant self-denial could be no possible object to him either of wish or hope.

Hopeless to search further among empty swamps and forests, to grope at large in this hushed wilderness, to coerce a jungle.

Hume, though we have found him censuring the conduct of Franklin, was opposed to any attempt to coerce America.

If you ever supposed me base enough to coerce her judgment, you know her too well to believe it to be possible.

Climate and desert do not necessarily coerce them, if in large and notorious cases they have failed to do so.

The bitterness inspired by these attempts to coerce the President may be gauged by a remark attributed to Mrs. Davis.

In order not to coerce him in the least I sent him the book by the same channel which had brought me the call.

Should he depart it might be that Enistor could coerce the girl into obedience, thereby causing her unnecessary suffering.