Coexist [verb]

Definition of Coexist:

exist together

Synonyms of Coexist:

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Sentence/Example of Coexist:

Learning to coexist with the unpleasant circumstances thrust upon you—instead of trying to force them into “better” shape—will actually bring you more peace, experts say.

The question of whether profits and good medical care can coexist is not a new one in the United States.

The work offers hope that people everywhere, even in remote areas, will eventually be able to safely coexist with snakes.

At the critical temperature, islands of all sizes coexist, from dots to continents.

Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia commonly have an identical cause and they frequently coexist.

It is necessary that all the details coexist in our memory just as the parts of a painting coexist under our eye.

These could only coexist with liberty; for a democracy is more favorable than an aristocracy to large assemblies of citizens.

Coordinate effects of the same cause naturally coexist with one another.

Here, as elsewhere in the sacred legends of civilised peoples, various strata of mythical and religious thought coexist.

Another thing to be carefully remembered is, that asceticism and licentiousness universally coexist.