Coexisting [verb]

Definition of Coexisting:

exist together

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Sentence/Example of Coexisting:

Those behind the project hope to create an educational video that provides locals with invaluable information that helps them coexist with the many different animals in their backyard — in this case, literally.

Understanding why these two realities can coexist first requires understanding how we measure cases in schools.

Public and private insurance companies would be able to coexist and compete against one another, according to Spellberg.

The two factors so seldom coexist because there is a natural push-and-pull between loading up on talent for the future and spending to win in the here and now.

The team isolated strains and determined the pairwise rules governing the microbes’ abilities to outcompete or coexist with one another.

One example of such a “higher-order” stabilizing interaction resembles a rock-paper-scissors game, in which each of three coexisting species suppresses one competitor but is suppressed by the other.

Thus throughout the world, everywhere, there will be an enormous number of particulars coexisting in the same place.

The indications vary, depending on whether there is a coexisting middle-ear suppuration or not.

In the Herbartian theory of a world of coexisting individuals, the notion of reciprocal action was central.

Those ideas are hypostasized abstractions which are taken from the uniformly coexisting characteristics of objects.