Coextensive [adjective]

Definition of Coextensive:


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Sentence/Example of Coextensive:

Registration districts are generally, but not invariably, coextensive with unions of the same name.

His kindly nature made him loved by all and his circle of friends was coextensive with the circle of his acquaintance.

We should utterly deceive ourselves if we imagined that real Christianity is coextensive with the profession of Christianity.

Was it coextensive in width as well as in height with the opening?

A few generations ago Mohammedan political and religious control were coextensive.

Nor is he quite consistent in regarding Not-being as one class of Being, and yet as coextensive with Being in general.

Its development is coextensive with the origin and growth of Congregationalism, even with that of Protestantism itself.

Our political aims, as well as our political duties, are coextensive with our political responsibilities.

If simply convertible, the two must be coextensive, and the Predicate must be either a Proprium or the Definition.

The temple schools were early established, and in the course of centuries became at times almost coextensive with the empire.