Coffeehouse [noun]

Definition of Coffeehouse:

small restaurant where coffee is served

Synonyms of Coffeehouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coffeehouse:


Sentence/Example of Coffeehouse:

Certainly there were a great many people down there round about Lloyd's Coffeehouse!

As the clock-hand pointed to ten, she heard both quite near—outside Lloyd's Coffeehouse, evidently.

After this, I went into the best coffeehouse in the town here, and sat down to read the newspapers.

The Chapter Coffeehouse was opened at this time, famous for punch, pamphlets, and newspapers.

On the other hand, the business of a money-lender fitted in excellently well with the business of coffeehouse-keeper.

Mr. Westbrook was a coffeehouse-keeper whose daughters had heard him spoken of as Jew Westbrook.

The coffeehouse politicians of London fully expected that such a general with such an army would speedily reconquer the island.

Sometimes a paper was thrust under a door, sometimes dropped on the table of a coffeehouse.

All the newsletters, all the coffeehouse orators, complained that the blood of the poor was shed with impunity by the great.

The coffeehouse politicians were confident that he was about to hold some high office.