Coffeepot [noun]

Definition of Coffeepot:

coffee-making machine

Synonyms of Coffeepot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coffeepot:


Sentence/Example of Coffeepot:

One day Big Joe set the boiling coffeepot on the stove and it froze so quick that the ice was hot.

At 8:10 he had bacon sizzling and a small coffeepot almost enveloped by the flames.

As the computed impact time arrived, Lockley obliviously dumped coffee into his tin coffeepot and put it back on the flames.

Fortunately, some culinary utensils are found in the boat the most useful of them being a frying-pan, kettle, and coffeepot.

Then the woman came silently forward, a coffeepot in her hand.

She sighed with satisfaction, looked wistfully at the coffeepot simmering, sniffed at the biscuits and sizzling ham.

My little cousin, rosy beyond belief, trim in white middy blouse and blue skirt, was already in her place behind the coffeepot.

Near the entrance he built a small fire, filled the coffeepot with snow, and thawed some pemmican in the frying pan.

There was no can opener, no ice pick, the coffeepot had a limited capacity of four cups, and there was no broiler for the steak.

Silver Tea and Coffeepot:—When putting away those not in use every day lay a little stick across the top under the cover.