Coffin [noun]

Definition of Coffin:

box for dead person

Synonyms of Coffin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coffin:


Sentence/Example of Coffin:

Cleopatra's coffin, head of the Theban ram, and other Egyptian curiosities, arrived in England.

She groaned aloud, and her tears flowed faster: Alessandro was making the baby's coffin.

By this time the bent figure sitting in the rocking-chair, near the coffin began to show signs of life and whimper a little.

The corpse was lying in a narrow coffin, upon a low bier, both of which were covered with a white pall.

The humidity of the earth had rusted the screws, and it was not without some difficulty that the coffin was opened.

The son alone held himself aloof; he walked, according to custom, plunged in deep sorrow by the side of the coffin.

Here she found the coffin deposited on the table, its great black pall of velvet, silver-edged, sweeping down to the floor.

In Devonshire, particularly among the farmers and poorer classes, the ridged coffin is very general, the end being gabled.

The Purbeck marble slab has never been disturbed, being found strongly secured by mortar to the top of the stone coffin.

Mademoiselle leaned against the table, which was still burdened by the empty coffin, and observed him.