Cogency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cogency:

These do not lack cogency, but betray a kind of thought different from that of the friends.

But, like all oft-repeated truths, it has in time lost something of its actuality and cogency.

This is the thought which underlies and gives cogency to the whole argument.

What it can do, it does with a sharpness of effect and with a cogency of appeal no other art can rival.

Weismann's demand for facts in support of the main proposition revealed at once that none having real cogency could be produced.

For the cogency of the proof in every instance depended upon the absence of explanation.

With what closeness and unanswerable cogency he would maintain truth!

Cogency of argument is almost invariably lost in the vehemence of declamation and in the utterance of unmeaning patter.

But though I have attended to the suggestions contained in his paper, I am unable to see the cogency of his arguments.

This kind of evidence, however, presents much less cogency than is usually supposed.