Cogently [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Cogently:

Does he not see how cogently he might be asked, whether it be the character of nullification to practise what it preaches?

The reasons that prevailed against attempting Mitchel's rescue, Doheny cogently states.

In this article, the writer cogently argues the claims of these new phenomena upon the attention of scientific men.

He wrote a good, clear, serviceable hand; he could talk well and reason cogently.

It is impossible to express more cogently the whole tragedy of the dying sensualist.

In particular, so far as any question of heredity is concerned, all these facts are as assuredly as they are cogently relevant.

George Hanlon sat with downcast eyes, thinking swiftly but more cogently than he had ever done before.

The Psalmist expressed this feeling very cogently and humorously when he said that the Creator did not delight in any man's legs.

To-morrow, perhaps, I may reason more cogently with your despair, or your present mood may be changed.

The arguments are so clearly and cogently put, that they are well worthy of being quoted here.