Cognate [adjective]

Definition of Cognate:

alike, associated

Synonyms of Cognate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cognate:

Sentence/Example of Cognate:

The directory of 1780 gave the names of twenty-six jewellers; that of 1880 gives nearly 700, including cognate trades.

Hell Jacob Grimm derives from hilan, to conceal in the earth, and it is cognate with hole and hollow.

The words genius and genie are evidently cognate with the Arabian jinn, meaning a spirit.

Hear how many cognate ideas present themselves to Shakspeare's mind in expressing the thought.

The intransitive form derives from the transitive by dropping a generalized, customary, reflexive or cognate object.

Fig. 62 is of the same form, also of wood, but of cognate form, from New Guinea.

Their language is cognate with the great Sioux or Dakota stock west of the Mississippi, who likewise date their origin south.

A collection of over two hundred cognate tales offers a wide field for the selection therefrom of a composite story.

Being closely cognate with English, a large part of the vocabulary of the two is of the same stock.

In all probability the Iroquois, and their cognate tribes, were an offshoot from this stem.