Cognates [noun]

Definition of Cognates:

member of a family

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Sentence/Example of Cognates:

We have seen that a sandhaug figures also in one of the Scandinavian cognates of the folk-tale (see above, p. 67).

The relatives of a man through males are called his agnates; the relatives of a man through females are called his cognates.

But persons related only by blood through females are not agnates, but merely cognates.

A clove of garlic is quite a separate word; but, as it has some interesting cognates, it may be mentioned here.

When real property is sold, we find that the agnates and cognates have always a preferential right of purchase.

The origin of this word, cognates of which occur in the Germanic languages, is unknown.

In the first place, they are all the Cognates who trace their connection exclusively through males.

Many words in this way became identical in form with their Norse cognates, cp.

Cognates, that is, words related in meaning through a common root.