Cognizable [adjective]

Definition of Cognizable:

noticeable, obvious

Synonyms of Cognizable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cognizable:

Sentence/Example of Cognizable:

If his comments were libellous, the libel was cognizable in the ordinary courts of law.

Yet nothing could be more obvious than that the breach of any statute was cognizable before the courts of law.

Similarly, no articulate sound is cognizable until the inarticulate sounds which go to make it up have been learned.

Assignments--not cognizable, unless drawn up at the judge-advocate's office and registered.

Agreements--not cognizable, unless written and registered; being witnessed by one person, not a prisoner.

Notes of hand for debts so contracted not cognizable as evidence, unless the account of articles be produced with prices annexed.

Vouchers for Grain, &c. furnished the King's Stores--to be finally settled quarterly, otherwise not cognizable; viz.

When fame is spoken of as being bent over Byron's head, we must conceive of fame as taking a form cognizable by the senses.

It is much easier to acquire knowledge from things cognizable to the senses than from books.

Inbred sin is not cognizable to our consciousness when actual sin and guilt crowd the conscience.