Cognoscenti [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cognoscenti:

His works were passed over as beneath the notice of the cognoscenti.

Amazed at the national glory, she had never asked this sacrifice of French cognoscenti.

And at last she wrote her absent lover a missive that has been numbered by cognoscenti among the great love letters of the ages.

By her side was the guitar on which she had been practising the airs that were to ravish the ears of the cognoscenti.

This is my taste; if I am wrong, I beg pardon of the cognoscenti.

Chopin writes: I have the cognoscenti and the poetic natures on my side.

In front of it Lance met two cognoscenti of his acquaintance.

Even these cognoscenti, little as they esteemed Mr. Butler, had plainly no doubts as to what he would do to Ginger.

His imitations of Anacreon, and the soft bard of Erin, have on many occasions puzzled the cognoscenti of Eton.

This gave time to the cognoscenti to remark her costume, which was ravishing, and to try to see her feet; but they were too small.