Cogs [noun]

Definition of Cogs:

main part of device

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Sentence/Example of Cogs:

The big graft in this neck-a woods is political, and the Red Tower gang is only set-a cogs in the bull-wheel.

They begin their lives as boys dreaming of the track, or of cogs and wheels, or of great waters.

Hundreds and hundreds of wheels, pins, cogs and springs filled the air like a cloud and then rattled like hail upon the floor.

The cogs emitted a grating, crunching sound, as of quartz in a stone-crusher, and then subsided.

The speaker was the man whom Barton had rescued from the cogs and wheels and springs of an infuriated engine.

A cog mill is formed by constructing a rim with cogs upon the shafts, and a trundle head to correspond.

Motion is conveyed to the governor balls by a belt and a band wheel working on a mechanism of metred cogs.

There are several forms of differential gears, differing largely as to combination of spur or bevel cogs.

Its simpler, for one thingthere aint so many little cogs to catch and get out of order.

And from it, strewn over the rocks, were tiny intricate cogs and wheels, coils and broken wires!