Cohabit [verb]

Definition of Cohabit:

live together

Synonyms of Cohabit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cohabit:

Sentence/Example of Cohabit:

In some tribes, to cohabit with their mothers, sisters, and daughters was esteemed the means of domestic peace.

The regulations are always a conventionalization which sets the terms, modes, and conditions under which a pair may cohabit.

Agreement to cohabit, followed by cohabitation, constituted marriage by the canon law.

It is despicable unjustly to be jealous of your wife; but it is infamy to cohabit with her if you know her to be guilty.

At a certain time of the year these women unite with their neighbours, and cohabit with them.

Then the husband and wife return in all peace to cohabit as before, the offense being again at risk, for another atonement.

They marry and cohabit amongst each other, and are held in a sort of horror by the common people.

They are rarely married, but cohabit with some man for the sake of his protection.

She reflected: 'How does he, after having produced me from himself, cohabit with me?

He did not cohabit with Catherine during his father's lifetime.