Cohabitation [noun]

Definition of Cohabitation:

making love

Synonyms of Cohabitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cohabitation:


Sentence/Example of Cohabitation:

Cohabitation continues for three weeks without other incidents than scuffles and threats which become less frequent day by day.

In legal and illegal cohabitation, in every sort of union and cohabitation, good or bad, the underlying reality is the same.

Cohabitation with a woman who has previously had commerce with a leper may also produce infection.

The law of 1862, known as the Edmunds Act, declared such cohabitation to be a misdemeanor.

I welcome death, as it will preserve me from staining the purity of my noble blood by cohabitation with such as thou art.

Constant cohabitation impeding mutual toleration of personal defects.

It is also a matter of experience that conception is less frequent when a woman has cohabitation with several men.

Even before their first brief term of cohabitation, she had tried Imlay by her caprice and pettishness.

Agreement to cohabit, followed by cohabitation, constituted marriage by the canon law.

There are undoubtedly in certain special and exceptional cases methods of acquiring sons otherwise than by marital cohabitation.